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Thank you for your message. This is Competitive Verification Services.

We are unable to find a payment from you in our system. If you received a confirmation of payment from Paypal (who processes all our transactions, even if you used your debit or credit card), please send it to us. Otherwise, please try to make payment again by clicking the following link:


If your bank statement is showing a pending charge from us, this may occur even though the transaction was declined. This usually occurs when your bank is fine with the transaction, but our bank (in this case, Paypal) declines the transaction, for whatever reason. We do not know why a transaction is declined. That is totally in the hands of Paypal, who processes all our transactions.

If it was declined, then the pending transaction amount will be returned to your available balance and the pending charge will disappear completely from your bank statement. This can sometimes take as little as 1 business day but can be up to 3-5 business days for some banks. That all depends on your bank and what their policy is. I apologize for the inconvenience, but this is the way the banking system works, flawed as it is. 

Peter Simms
Competitive Verification Services