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If you experience any problems making payment, it could be one of the following reasons:

You can choose to pay through Paypal or you can click “Pay By Debit or Credit Card”

1) The first, and most likely, is that the payment system, which goes through Paypal, is not functioning correctly for the moment. Perhaps their volume of traffic is extremely heavy right now. If you continue to be unable to make a payment, try again later or tomorrow. If you still experience the same problem, then there is likely another issue.

2) Double check all your payment information. Perhaps there is a mistake.

3) Perhaps Paypal is not allowing the charge to go through. Perhaps they suspect fraud. As a last resort, you would then need to contact Paypal directly, to find out what the issue is.

Here is a page with contact options:


4) If you wish to try again, here is the link to get verified:


Sincerely, Peter Simms, Competitive Verification Services