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Almost Finished! Next Step: Identity Verification

We need to receive a copy of acceptable ID (Driver’s License, Passport, or Official Non-Driver ID). Must be of good quality and legible.
If your payment was made using another person’s Paypal account, then we also need to receive a copy of their acceptable ID, as well, for authorization purposes.

Your card has been charged a verification fee of $9.95. All payments go through Paypal, even if you placed the order directly with your credit or debit card. Paypal is the payment processor for all transactions. It will say “Paypal-Competitive” on your credit/debit card bank statement. Your verification, when completed, will be good for 60 days.

Your acceptable ID can be emailed to us, but we have also set up a text messaging service for the convenience of our customers. Now customers can simply take a picture of their acceptable ID with their phone and text it to us! Make sure the photo is clear and legible. If everything is in order, then we will complete your verification and email you the results of your successful verification.

You can email the document to: support@CompetitiveCredit.com
or you can TEXT the document to:
This is not a phone number. It only sends and receives text messages.

After receiving your ID, we will email/text you back within 24 hours, sometimes within a few hours or less, during normal business hours. If you would prefer to send it to us by another method, just let us know what your preferred method is. When we send you an email, it will come from support@CompetitiveCredit.com. Make sure you check your spam or junk folder in case your internet provider filters it into the wrong folder.

Competitive Verification Services

Terms agreed to at time of purchase:
By making this purchase, I give consent to Competitive Credit to verify my personal information provided. My card will be charged $9.95 through Paypal and verification results will be emailed to me at the email address that I have provided to Competitive Credit within 1 business day or less, sometimes within a few hours. I understand that this is a one-time charge and there are no recurring payments or subscriptions whatsoever. I understand that this is not a credit check and my credit report and credit score will not be affected in any way. I agree to this website’s Privacy Policy and Terms.