Text (307) 621-8075 - Voice Message (307) 365-6115 support@competitivecredit.com

This is the Competitive Verification Services.

We highly recommend that you take multiple photos of your ID with your phone. It’s best to take several photos very quickly, one after the other. The auto focus will likely get one good one.

It needs to be good quality and readable. Then just start a new text message to 307-621-8075 and go to your camera roll or gallery and choose the best picture, then send it. This is not a phone number. It only sends and receives text messages.

To email it, you would need to either scan the photo into your computer and then send a new email to support@CompetitiveCredit.com and then attach the photo to it. You can also go to your email account through your phone and then attach the photo to the email from your camera roll or gallery.

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Peter Simms
Competitive Verification Services