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Thank you for your message. This is Competitive Verification Services. We are a verification company that is contracted by companies, financial institutions, landlords and employers to check out and certify the personal information that was provided to them by their customer, employee or renter, including an identity check.

We charge just $9.95 for the verification process. It is not a credit check and we do not need your credit scores. We can answer any questions you may have regarding verification. Our company cannot answer questions regarding apartment rentals, loans, employment, contracts or financial dealings.

You were sent to us by ConsumerEZcredit. We received your payment and you sent us a copy of your ID, and we completed your verification. We sent you back to ConsumerEZcredit to continue your business with them. They can be reached as follows:

Text: 484-206-0444 (not a phone number)

Email: support@ConsumerEZcredit.com

Phone: 484-273-0935

Peter Simms
Competitive Verification Services